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Chris Martinez

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Joined the Endeavor Community: September 2010

I am one of the 11 million people who practice Pilates regularly. Ever since I had my spinal fusion in 2003 and was left with continuing back pain, a drop foot and neuropathy I've looked for ways to recoup. "Exercising" was not my favorite thing to do! I was still teaching so I had a good excuse to skip exercising. I joined gyms, off and on, and tried to exercise on my own, but nothing clicked with me until I met my Pilates instructor, Michaela, at Absolute Center. I've been working with her consistently since 2011. She's taught me about Pilates and my muscles and how to move and breathe. This past year we've worked especially hard on walking and correcting my gait. Everything we do helps my balance and posture which was particularly bad. Michaela is a great teacher and makes me want to come and workout. I enjoy my time with her in the studio.

“Use it or lose it.”
— Unknown