Continuing Education

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There are continuing education offers every day in the mail, how do you know where to spend your money and your valuable time? At Absolute Center, we are constantly innovating, researching and listening to all the movement industry has to offer. We cull through and select only the best information to bring to our continuing education students. Expand your repertoire, refresh your skills, and get inspired.

CoreAlign instructor training 2: Progressions
July 14-15, 2018

CoreAlign™ 2: Progressions builds on the root exercises learned in CoreAlign™ 1 to create progressive exercise chains. The CoreAlign™ 2 chains increase in complexity to train full body integrated movement and more advanced functional skills. The chain format makes it easy to progress or regress exercises to suit the needs of a client or class.

Prerequisites CoreAlign™ 1 Module: Fundamentals


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Primal Movement works! Foundations Teacher training
SEPTEMBER 8-9, 2018

Primal Foundations introduces you to the unique systems used throughout all PMW courses. In addition to learning about motor development, you’ll become familiar with preparatory movements while deconstructing the different levels of Movement Experiences. These components are the cornerstones for Primal Pilates and Primal Strength, which will build in complexity and intensity. Primal Foundations is the prerequisite for all other Primal Movement WORKS! courses.


Primal Movement works! Primal pilates
SEPTEMBER 22, 2018

Primal Pilates is the second phase of the PMW educational program, and it’s created exclusively for the Pilates teacher. Building on your understanding of natural movement, we’ll go beyond the standard Pilates repertoire into advanced programming, with topics including fascial health and the key elements of Primal Movement WORKS!, specifically travels and transitions.


head neck control | presented at the pilates method alliance (PMA) conference
october 24-27, 2018

As Pilates teachers we focus on the strength and positioning of our core but what about our necks? Why is it important to have a good head/neck position? Discover more about the anatomy of the neck and discuss the importance of correct head/neck placement for optimal movement. Join Claudia Moose for an interactive workshop discovering the importance and relevance of head/neck control in the Pilates work. Explore how the positioning of the head affects the mobility and strength of the neck, its fascia and its relationship to the body including the vestibular system.




June 30, 2018

Deepen your understanding of the hip and thigh muscles and how they work to create stability, mobility, strength and power in the lower body. Together we review the bony landmarks of the pelvis, hip joint and femur and build all of the muscles in the area. 



AI3d: the upper limb
october 20, 2018

Learn the key landmarks, joint mechanics and action of the bones along with the origin, insertion and action of the muscles to gain a 3D understanding of the upper limb. Exercises for each muscle as well as each muscle group are included to help you use the information immediately.



ai3d: the core
december 1, 2018

Deepen your understanding of the key elements of the inner unit. Together we will build the diaphragm, the deep spinal muscles and erector spinae, the pelvic floor and the abdominals in order to provide you with a clear understanding of the relationship of the inner unit muscles and they importance in lumbopelvic stabilization.