Movement of the Month Happy Baby

Lets start with something you might have tried before like Happy Baby. We love this movement because it's a great way to open and stretch the hips, lengthens and helps to realign the spine, strengthens the arms and shoulders, calms the mind and releases stress and most of all it brings 
play into our lives. Here are a few tips to help you get set up:

  • Start on your back with your knees drawn in towards your chest.  A blanket or towel under your head helps to keep your neck level and long.
  • Grab hold of your feet or ankles or back of thighs,  ensure your arms are in front of your shins, and you are holding on to the outside edges of your feet. If the outside of your feet are not accessible grab your ankles or calves instead.
  • Draw your shoulders on to your back, tone your arms and flex your feet as you pull down, aiming your knees toward your armpits. If at first you knees are out to the sides, that's ok, as long as you don't feel discomfort in the knees. 
  • Draw your knees wide and toward your armpits and try to stack ankles above knees, this may take some practice.
  • Lengthen your lower back down to the ground, trying to touch the tip of your tailbone to the floor.
  • Stay here for 1 minute, and then release and draw your knees in to your chest.
  • Once you start feeling comfortable in this position and you're breathing is relaxed, try rocking your body side to side for a wonderful low back release. 
  • Don't forget to smile as this will remind you to be playful while rocking back and forth on your back! 
Happy Baby Rocking.JPG