9 Ways to Spark Your Motivation

As Pilates teachers, we love what we do. We wouldn't have devoted all this time and money to becoming who we are if we didn't have a passion for it right?  

So here you are in the studio seeing clients enjoying the freedom and reward that comes with being a movement professional.  Day in and day out you work hard at your craft, diving into the work with enthusiasm and the desire to help others. Then one day it comes. Either all at once or slowly; a loss of motivation.  "Ugh, no way!  But I love my work, at least I thought I did. What's happening to that spark I had?  Why am I dreading the next client and looking at the clock?"

Don't worry it happens to all of us, even the best! Here are nine ideas that may help you get back on track.  You may find a few that work for you or they may spark some ideas of your own.

  1. What is your strength?  What are you really good at and how can you use those strengths to your advantage?  Take the test provided along with the book Strength Finder 2.0. This inexpensive E-book leads you to a website whose online test will help reveal your strengths and guide you to find ways to capitalize on them. For instance, you may be an idea person. Use this to spark ideas about new classes for your clients or incentives for them.  Try it out at strengthfinder.com
  2. Learn, read, do.  It may be that you can find inspiration in learning a new movement style or reading up on the latest research in the movement field. Do for yourself. It's hard to get our own workouts in and like everyone else we get into a rut. There are lots of websites devoted to movement these days. Subscribing to one or more gives you new ideas and if you're like me, it kind of makes you use the site because you are paying for it!  And it may be a write-off.
  3. Go outside and think while your moving.  Go for a walk a run or even just sit alone in the park. As instructors, we are always connected to something whether it's music, a phone, a client or family.  Alone time outside gives you a chance to talk to you and find out how you are.  Being quiet brings creative thoughts and new ideas you may not realize you have in you!
  4. Get a mentor.  Or two.  Some of the most successful business people still have mentors, and yes, we are in business for ourselves.  Maybe it's a respected teacher, a networking group or business owners collective if you reach out you may be surprised at the mentor's enthusiastic yes!  We can always learn something or troubleshoot a problem with someone who may have more experience. Or maybe you are that person who can help someone else!
  5. Go to a class or a session.  I know some of the most respected teachers in the industry who still make it a habit to go to a class or a private wherever they are.  It's food for the body and mind!
  6. Reach out to your community.  Is there a special need in your town?  Veterans, schools, retirement communities?  When we volunteer, we get rewarded with gratitude that means more than money.  We sometimes lose sight of the reason we do what we do, to help others
  7. Change what you do in the studio.  Maybe you need a change in schedule, need to let go of that one client (graciously and with compassion) or even move the furniture around.  You'd be surprised how this can help!
  8. Set goals for your clients and you.  When our clients first come to us, we probably ask them what they want from their sessions. Maybe that conversation happened once, and you both have lost sight of the goal. Maybe they achieved the goal but didn't formulate another.  Setting quarterly or even yearly goals helps with retention and drives up your value.  While you eat it, set some for yourself!  It's always good to have something to look forward to!
  9. Sign up for a run or walk and involve your clientele.  Speaking of goals, a good tangible goal is to prepare yourself, your client your colleagues or all of you for an event.  A benefit hike, the Nike Women's Half, a special walk for a local cause gives you a chance to set a training plan for the people involved. Freshen up or learn some coaching skills outside of your comfort zone. Everyone gets the physical challenge you get the intellectual one too.

What are your secrets to staying motivated? We'd love to hear from you on how you stay motivated!

Katharine SantosComment