PRIMAL MOVEMENT WORKS! is An education system developed by Absolute Center, that allows you to rediscover the freedom of movement you had as a child.

Primal Foundations™ is the elementary course within the primal movement WORKS™ education system that lays the groundwork from which the more challenging and complex movements are built upon. 

Primal Pilates® is a whole body, core driven workout that brings fun and agility to Pilates. Using early motor development and animal movements, your clients will see amazing changes!

What is Primal Pilates?

A synergy of ancestral and animal movements using the Pilates repertoire, progressed through our early motor development.

— Claudia Moose, Katie Santos, Louise Johns

What does Primal mean?
Merriam Webster defines it  adjective  ; \ˈprī-məl\: very basic and powerful

What does Primal have to do with Pilates?
Joseph Pilates studied animal movements so bringing those into his work just makes sense.

"... true rhythm and control is observed both in domestic pets and wild animals - without exception." - Joseph Pilates

We know that many of Joseph Pilates moves were inspired by the form and movement of animals. He frequented zoos, and encouraged students to watch the way animals move. Some Pilates exercises, like seal, swan, and crab are named for animals. - Marguerite Ogle

What does it do for me?
The Primal Movement WORKS! system restores your basic movement patterns, like a reset button. By moving through the early motor development stages your body is allowed to re-experience that neuromuscular patterning, improving the patterning and thus transferring a more efficient pattern to your daily movements.

Why would I want to do this?
This program brings fun, function and flow into your exercise.  Your movement improves correcting faulty movement patterns and improving movement efficiency.

Can I do it?
The Primal Movement WORKS! system  is structured so that every level can experience the benefits.  The progressions of the movements are crafted from years of experienced movement teaching and the understanding of all levels of movement and capabilities.

What benefit do I get from these primal movements?
You’re a better mover.  What does that mean?  You are able to do your activities with more efficiency, ease and power. Your mechanics improve reducing injury and body awareness is heightening all leading to a more enjoyable movement experience. 

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