If you have a fitness business, you work hard! You have projects to do, people to manage and not enough time on your hands. You want more profit in your studio and more control over your business and personal life. Let us help you free up time so you can be more productive and successful.

Mindbody Certified Consultant and Evernote Certified Consultant Katie Santos and her team can help you drive revenue and clients to your business while staying organized and minimizing stress. Let her show you how to take control of the people, the services and the events that affect your studio’s bottom line in an insightful and easy to manage way. With years of knowledge, solutions, and resources at her fingertips, she can find what is needed for just about every scenario.

Whether you have been open for years, just considering a wellness business or selling, Katie and her team can help you get the most value from your time and effort. 

Areas of focus

  • Business Mentoring - Talk through ideas and problems

  • Key Performance Indicators - Know your numbers, where you win, where you can improve

  • Studio Operations - Procedures that take the load off of you

  • Marketing - Get your message to the right people

  • Business Plans - Create the map of your new business

  • Customer Success Strategy - Retain your hard won clients

  • Instructor Training Programming - Create and deliver on that amazing program you have

  • Employee & Contractor Management - Convert to employees with far less cost than you think

  • Studio Layout - Maximize that space you pay for

With over 35 years of business and studio experience, we bring wisdom, creative thinking and problem solving to every client. Call the studio at (925) 299-9642, email us at or schedule below for more information.

MINDBODY-Certified Business Consultant Katie Santos